Watch Storage Ideas


Since watches give recognition, respect, and stature to the wearers, they have become very popular in Australia. Whether you have one classy watch or a collection of them, you will need a stylish way to store them, a way that also prevents, dust, rust, and thieves. Besides, your watches need to be intact and organized. This post is meant to help you identify with the best methods of keeping your watch safe.

Types of storage ideas

There are many types of storage ideas practiced across the world, but on this post, we will focus on the best ideas especially those applicable in Australia.  Many people search for their watches all over the house, tables, drawers, and closets and end up wasting time. Lack of a proper storage plan can be messy, allow us to help you get organized.

1. Watch box. This is the most recommended way of storing your watches. The boxes can be lockable, has compartments for storage and display, and prevents moisture and dust among other benefits. Further, the boxes come in different shapes, sizes, and designs such that you can choose the one that matches your interiors or get one customized for you. Besides, this is the latest and trending method that can earn you a reputation as being informed and announces your stature. One of the most thrilling things I must mention is that my treasure box offers free shipping of watch boxes within Australia. Are you looking for quality, elegance, and class? Look no further than my treasure box.

Whereas the watch box from my treasure box being the perfect option, there are other options that people can consider.

2. Watch racks. Watches in a rack are easy to access because they hang loose and can be easily seen. However, racks do not protect watches from dust and moisture which can lead to rust.

3. Watch rolls. They are good for people who would like to carry their watches on their trip and those with small bedrooms. They have lids that roll up and around to offer some protection.

4. Pouch. People who like slipping their watches to their purse or their carry-on prefer pouches. Besides, they do not occupy large spaces.

5. Valet trays. They are designed to carry watches and jewellery in general. They make it easy to see all the watches and decide which one to wear at any time. However, they don’t have any sort of cover hence cannot be used to keep watches on a long term basis.

6. Stands. They also display watches and makes it easy to choose which one to wear and don’t offer a lot of protection.


We recommend that you visit my treasure box’s online page, browse the available types, designs, and colors of watch boxes, then make your order and leave the rest to us, we will deliver it to your convenience so long as the destination is within Australia. All we guarantee is quality and value for your dollars.

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