Choosing the Right literary Agent

So here are guidelines in choosing a literary agent:

Check sales track record

The first thing that you need to do is examine his client’s record and the publishers that he has sold to a short while ago. Make sure that this literature agent has knowledge and has established great accomplishments in representing the kind of work that you are striving to offer. The majority of agents are going to put their latest list of clients on their website or blog (if they have one). You may also find agent-publisher offers documented at Publishers Marketplace (make sure you have a subscription to them in order to get access).


New agents or established a

It depends if your work is a potentially small deal or a seriously big hit. To some authors especially those new ones, a new agent who is still trying to build his name is quite good. Just make sure that his track record is good and he has past experiences with publishing. You also have to take a look at the status of the agency he is linked with. Is the agency he’s working with has a good reputation and good work history with New York houses? literary agent



They should communicate with you with confidence and respect. They get back to you in a timely manner. A good sign of a good agent is, he never lets his clients be left in a place of nowhere and will certainly give a clear information about every step of the procedure.


Rate of enthusiasm

When evaluating the enthusiasm of the agent, think in this manner, your agent will likely be dealing with your publisher agreements, negotiations on terms, and other monetary concerns in order to convert your manuscript into money. As a client, you need to have confidence in your agent 100%. Either he’s just interested on the sale of your book or truly believes in your work and you as an author, just put your trust in him because your goal here is to sell your book. Make sure that you build a strong business partnership with him.


Another quick and important advice to remember,

REAL agents don’t advertise and they don’t necessarily need it. Don’t be fooled by the advertisements you see online such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads about such things. They also DON’T charge their clients upfront fees because agents will work for you free of charge till your manuscript is traded.

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