Why Book Comparisons are more Effective than Reviews

Mcharacterost people involved in blogging about books and literature would have definitely written a good number of book reviews. While these do provide a lot of information to the reader, the problem is that they don’t always induce people to make a purchase. Even for those looking to improve number of visitors, book reviews alone is not a good idea. The reason is that if the book is a famous one, then your post gets drowned out in the huge amount of online information. For obscure books, then number of people searching for it can be too less. So one of the best strategies to counter this problem is by putting up posts that compare a number of different books.

How do book comparisons help?

There are many advantages to using book comparisons on your website.

For one, it helps you include a number of different book titles into a single page. Since they will definitely be of the same genre, your blog will be more readily visible to people who are searching for these kind of books. Not only will it improve popularity, but you will also be targeting people who are more likely to make a purchase.

Another advantage is that side-by-side book comparisons are rather rare on the Internet. So it helps you create a niche segment that will draw visitors. And of course, increased traffic will automatically lead to better sales. If you write an article comparing two books, it gives readers a better perspective. For example, one might be a famous one and another one might be rather unknown. But by combining them, you give someone a known frame of reference. So it becomes easier for them to understand. Also, your post will show up on search engine results for both books. It is like killing two birds with one stone.

But of course, it is also important to be able to write a convincing and informative book comparison.  That’s why we are going to look at a really good example MilitaryFrightTests.com and look at how they compared AFOQT study guides so as to drive the reader to choose one.  Using easy metrics they gave the reader everything they need to make the choice and buy the right AFOQT test preparation material.  That’s a lot stronger of an argument to buy than individual reviews.

How do I write an educative book comparison post?

The first thing to do would be to check out some online articles that compare books. One of the best examples is this post comparing AFOQT Study Guides. A comparison in AFOQT study guides targets a very specific market and provides information on all the top available books. Here they take 4 famous books and rank them in the order of 1 to 4. There is also a short review about each of them so that readers can get a better idea. A small table that shows each book’s price, pages, reviews and grade follows this. In essence, there is all the information that a person looking for an AFOQT study guide would need. There is also a good chance that he will share it with friends who are looking for a good study guide.

This same strategy can be applied to books of any category: fiction, non-fiction, literature, mystery or self-help books. A good book review and comparison can go a long way in increasing visitors to your site. And this will in turn work wonders for getting those sales conversions.

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