Snowflake method – The Pros and Cons

Authors and writers call it the ‘Snowflake Method’. This is the popular method used by some authors in writing a novel. However, this method of writing a novel doesn’t work to many writers.


Snowflake method is somewhat perfect for beginning writers. If you find it hard to organize your ideas, your characters, then this method could help you start with your work.
You’ll be able to understand your plot and all your characters really well.
You get to see the big picture of your story and you’ll know exactly what will happen for the ending.
Less chance of getting plot holes and loose ends.


As I have said earlier, snowflake method doesn’t work for everyone.
Other authors find this method to be paralyzing when it comes to analysis since you’ve spent so much of your time and ideas to the outline of the story and not to the actual story.
It doesn’t encourage creativity and surprise.
Can make an author to get bored in the entire process of writing.
Can’t provide direction for actual events.

Writers and authors have their very own writing styles whether it’s a Snowflake method or Your-own-novel-writing-guide or whatever it is, the most important thing is that you have your own method and you have something that you can follow without hassle.

In some cases, if you wanted to try something else, you can experiment on different methods and mixing them up to come up another one. You’ll never know, it could be the perfect method you’ve been waiting for.

However, if you are really comfortable with the method that you are using now and you are happy with it, then you might just stick to that approach. It is important that your focus is intact and your imagination and ideas are not restricted.

How about you, do you have your own method of writing or do you use Snowflake method? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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