5 Reasons to Use Kratom

While kratom has been used for centuries in countries of Southeast Asia, it is still a fairly new substance in the United States. Although it has been gaining in popularity in recent years, there is still much that the average person doesn’t know about the benefits of this particular herbal remedy. So, why do people use kratom? Here are five of the most common reasons you will find if you read consumer reviews.

1. Kratom’s Use as a Recreational Drug

Before going any further, it is important to stress the fact that kratom is derived from a tree that grows native in Southeast Asia and because of some of its effects, it has been called a recreational drug by some agencies and in some states. This is because it has opioid-like properties, and some people find that it works in much the same way as opioids do. For this reason, it is not legal to purchase in a handful of states and from time to time, legislation is brought up to classify kratom as a Class 1 substance. However, that never passed even though states like Vermont, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Indiana, Arkansas and Alabama have outlawed the sale in their respective states. Therefore, if you are looking to find kratom locally, it would be best to see if your state allows for the legal sale of kratom in any form.

2. Kratom for Pain Relief

As an herbal, opioid-like substance, kratom is often used to treat pain. Many users say that it is effective against migraines, back aches, muscle strains and many other pains for which opioids like morphine and codeine are prescribed. The difference is that this is an herbal supplement and as yet, not a controlled substance that will only be available by prescription.

3. Effective Against Stress and Anxiety

Certain strains of kratom, such as red or green Bali kratom, offer relief from stress or anxiety. It is always recommended that you start with low doses and work your way up slowly to a dosage that will help alleviate the pain you are experiencing.

4. Greater Mental Focus

There is a growing number of people who purchase kratom because one of the benefits is better focus. Whether a person is simply tired and unable to concentrate or perhaps an adult sufferer of ADHD, they have found enhanced concentration and focus when taking kratom supplements.

5. To Relieve Depression

Although there is insufficient clinical evidence to support using kratom to relieve depression, a huge number of users say that it does, indeed, lift the spirits. Many of these people had taken prescription anti-depressants over the years and find the relief they experience with kratom is much the same.

Although there have been few peer-reviewed clinical studies of kratom for the above uses, it only takes reading through a few consumer reviews to see that people really are experiencing these benefits. As a final note, you should always check with your primary care doctor before taking any OTC supplements whatsoever, but many doctors have found their patients have found relief with kratom and so it might just surprise you. They actually might recommend that you try kratom as well. What a kick in the face that would be to Big Pharma, but let it be known that people really are obtaining these benefits.

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